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The differences between open and closed domestic adoptions

Adoption is a unique legal process that not all family law attorneys handle. For families that are hoping to grow through the process, it is important that they work with Charlotte attorneys who are committed to supporting their clients' individual adoption goals. This post will address one small aspect of the domestic adoption process regarding the differences between open and closed adoptions, but readers are encouraged to speak to their own attorneys about their adoption needs.

A closed adoption is one in which a child's birth family and adoptive family have no contact. The birth parents and prospective adoptive parents never meet and never learn of each other's identities. Records regarding the adoption of a child through a closed process may be sealed and later in life it may be difficult for a child to learn about their birth family if their adoption was carried out in this way.

What happens to frozen embryos in a divorce?

Divorces can be extremely complicated, especially if there are issues involving assisted reproduction. One of the most complex issues for divorcing spouses in North Carolina surrounds the future of frozen embryos.

While storage facilities generally require couples to sign a consent form before beginning IVF, these documents do not always include information pertaining to the future of frozen embryos if a couple divorces or one of the spouses dies. The couple then must make the decision whether to keep the embryos frozen, donate them, use them or destroy them. Oftentimes, couples have differing opinions on the futures of the embryos, which has led to numerous lawsuits over the past few decades.

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