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What is a pre-placement assessment?

Adoption is a major legal process that gives an adult or set of individuals the right to be considered the parents of a child who is not their biological relation. Domestic adoptions happen within the United States, and North Carolina residents who wish to become parents through adoption often can find their children within the state. In order to adopt them, however, the adults must complete a rigorous set of steps to ensure that they are prepared to bring those children into their homes.

Protecting legal rights when surrogacy begins

Becoming a parent is a dream for many North Carolina residents. Individuals may envision their futures with full families and lots of love, driving cars full of children to sports practices and to school, and eating together around big tables each and every night. This dream becomes a reality for many people over time as they find partners and gradually build their families together. For others, though, having children is impossible due to medical challenges.

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