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Protecting legal rights when surrogacy begins

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2019 | surrogacy and reproductive technology

Becoming a parent is a dream for many North Carolina residents. Individuals may envision their futures with full families and lots of love, driving cars full of children to sports practices and to school, and eating together around big tables each and every night. This dream becomes a reality for many people over time as they find partners and gradually build their families together. For others, though, having children is impossible due to medical challenges.

Men and women who cannot have their own children may turn to medical professionals for assistance in this delicate and complex situation. While some may achieve their reproductive goals through the use of reproductive technologies, others may turn to surrogacy to bring their children into the world. Any option for having a child through the assistance of modern medicine creates important legal relationships that should be protected with the help of dedicated attorneys.

For example, when a couple decides to work with a surrogate to carry their baby to term, it is important that all of the parties have clear and consistent expectations about how the process will be managed. This can be achieved by creating legal documents to protect everyone and their interests before the surrogate becomes pregnant with the couple’s child.

Dempsey Law, a Charlotte, North Carolina, law firm, is dedicated to working with individuals and couples who wish to become parents but must pursue nontraditional means. Their practice focuses on surrogacy and reproductive technology law, as well as adoption law in both the domestic and international arenas. Readers are encouraged to reach out to the firm and learn more about its legal practice areas through its surrogacy and reproductive technology website.