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What is a pre-placement assessment?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2019 | domestic adoption

Adoption is a major legal process that gives an adult or set of individuals the right to be considered the parents of a child who is not their biological relation. Domestic adoptions happen within the United States, and North Carolina residents who wish to become parents through adoption often can find their children within the state. In order to adopt them, however, the adults must complete a rigorous set of steps to ensure that they are prepared to bring those children into their homes.

A pre-placement assessment (PPA) is required of all prospective North Carolina adoptive parents. These assessments must be kept up-to-date and therefore must be completed every 18 months or when changes occur within the homes of the prospective parents. A person cannot register to look for children to adopt until they have completed their PPA.

There are a number of reasons that these assessments are undertaken. One reason is to make sure that only qualified and responsible individuals are granted the right to adopt children who are in need of homes. Another reason is to help adoption agencies and entities with the process of matching prospective parents with children who may thrive within their houses.

A PPA can help prospective parents better understand the situation they will experience when they find and are approved to adopt a child. It may help them work through the concerns and emotions that they have regarding the process and help them decide just what they need to do to be ready to adopt. The PPA is only one of the steps that North Carolina parents must complete in order to expand their families through adoption, and their attorneys can provide them with more information about what else must be done.