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Looking abroad to expand one’s family

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | international adoption

Adoption is a wonderful commitment that a family can make to growing through the addition of children. Some North Carolina families decide to adopt domestically and are able to secure adoption placements with children in the United States. Other families decide to look abroad to find children in need of homes and who are available to be adopted.

The decision to adopt internationally may be personal to an individual. They may wish to care for a child whose nationality is reflected in the heritage of their new parent. They may be drawn to a particular region of the world and wish to expand cultural understanding through the adoption of a child. International adoptions happen in many regions of the world and between individuals of diverse backgrounds.

However, individuals who are interested in international adoption should know that not every nation on the planet allows Americans to adopt children. Before endeavoring to adopt from a particular nation prospective parents should learn as much as they can about the international adoption process and what will be expected of them in order to bring their new children home.

Dempsey Law, an adoption and surrogacy law firm based in Charlotte, is open to inquiries from individuals who have always wanted to adopt internationally but who have never know where to start. The international adoption process can be long and complicated by laws and prohibitions, and those who are not prepared for the process may find it difficult to navigate on their own. New clients who wish to begin understanding what it means to adopt from an international nation are invited to visit Dempsey Law through its website on adoption.