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Who can adopt children in North Carolina?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2019 | adoption

To expand your North Carolina family can be one of the most rewarding events of your life. Whether a person wants to start a family or grow the family that he or she has already, adoption is accessible. The truth is that you can be single or married to adopt a child. An adoptive parent’s most stringent requirements are to have the ability to care for, develop and offer a stable environment to the child.

According to the NCDHHS, children have different needs within the system. Some children require a two-parent household, whereas others may only need a single parent. In some cases, a child may thrive with other kids in the household. Stability is one of the most important factors that decide who can adopt. Legally, a person must be at least 18 to adopt a child. You can rent or own your own home, you do not have to be wealthy and you do not have to be a perfect parent in the eyes of the adoption agency or the law.

Those who can adopt a child must have the time to provide care for a child, should want to commit to the short and long-term care needs of the child and should have the ability to help a child develop to his or her full potential. Your consideration to what your family can offer a child will lend to the child’s best interests.

The information provided here about who can adopt in North Carolina is not legal advice but instead is here to educate on the issue.