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Should you share surrogacy over social media?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2019 | surrogacy and reproductive technology

The journey of surrogacy is wonderful and exciting. Where most North Carolina parents choose to document their journey into parenthood on social media, when you have a surrogate, you have to take other considerations into account. Should you post announcements on social media? If you do, how do you choose what to post?

American Surrogacy suggests that you should speak to the surrogate before you post anything on social media. There have to be ground rules when it comes to your journey with surrogacy. It is normal for you to be excited to share the surrogacy with your family and friends. With every update that you receive, you may want to share your excitement and happiness with your loved ones. While this is fair, you want to ensure that you are sharing information that the other person consents to.

You need to take the most care in regards to the identity of the surrogate. Does the surrogate want you to identify her in the post? Does she want pictures of herself on social media? Even if you share it with your friends on social media, remember that images and identifiers spread beyond social media. You have no control over who the audience will turn into.

Some surrogates would rather stay private. There are many reasons that a surrogate might choose not to share her pregnancy with others. Now, if she does want to share that she is your surrogate, then discuss how you want to make that announcement. Do you want to take a photo with her? Do you want to share the announcement together?

None of the above information is legal advice. It is for educational purposes only.