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Surrogacy is one option for same-sex couples

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2019 | surrogacy and reproductive technology

Starting a family in a same-sex relationship is sometimes trickier than for other people. Some of the reasons are biological. The rest may stem from biases in North Carolina that may make it difficult for same-sex couples to adopt, though many can foster. This puts many couples in the difficult decision of raising and loving a child only to have the child ripped from a couple’s home after failed attempts at adoption. 

Recently, more same-sex couples have considered the possibility of surrogacy to start their family. In these instances, a family member or friend may step forward to either carry the child to term or donate reproductive cells. 

Types of surrogates 

WebMD identifies two types of surrogates: gestational surrogates and traditional surrogates. Traditional surrogates carry a baby to term who shares their DNA. A gestational surrogate mother carries a baby to term that does not share her DNA. This second type is more common among heterosexual couples where the woman may have difficulties carrying a baby to full term but otherwise has healthy eggs. 

Surrogate involvement 

Many parents may wonder about how to involve the surrogate parent in a child’s life and how this may complicate the process. CNN recommends telling children the truth about their birth process and involving gestational carriers in the child’s life. This may prove especially beneficial in instances where the surrogate mother shares DNA with the child and may have developed a natural bond. 

Surrogacy laws 

When it comes to laws governing custody, it depends on the state and how surrogate-friendly it is. So far, no gestational surrogate has ever received any parental rights over a child in court. Also, regardless of who the biological parent may be, the intended parents share equal rights and privileges. 

Surrogacy may not be the best approach for everyone. However, for many couples, it provides the opportunity for them to start a family where one or more children are biologically related to either parent.