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Woman convicted of running adoption scam

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2020 | domestic adoption

Given the end result of a successful adoption, it may be easy for many people in Charlotte to overlook just how complex a process it can be. Potential parents invest much in the way of time and resources in trying to bring children in need of nurturing into their homes. 

Such commitment to the adoption process displays the trust people have in it (and by extension, those involved in it). Sadly, there may be people out there looking to take advantage of that trust. 

Playing with the hopes of prospective parents 

An adoption scam recently uncovered by Michigan authorities serves to illustrate this point. The woman was recently convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison after she scammed multiple families out of countless dollars through her adoption center. In all, 17 couples were named in the indictment (although officials say she victimized several others). One couple was cheated by her more than once. They had initially paid her $15,000 to arrange an adoption, only to later be told that the birth mother had miscarried. They next arranged to adopt another baby, even going so far as to travel to a hospital out of state to pick the child up. Once there, they were told there was no record of the birth mother or the child. 

Avoiding adoption scams 

As one victim in this particular case points out, falling into schemes such as this one may be easy given that authoritative resources over adoption providers are limited. Thus, those looking to engage in the process need to have assistance they can rely on to ensure that they are directed to legitimate adoption agencies. An experienced attorney may be able to provide such assistance.