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Can a single parent adopt or foster a child in North Carolina?

On Behalf of | May 18, 2020 | domestic adoption

One of the myths concerning the adoption process is that only a married couple can adopt. According to North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services, however, a single unmarried adult over 18 can adopt a child. To become a foster parent in North Carolina, an individual must first reach 21 years of age.

Potential single parents who can provide a comfortable and loving residence may adopt, regardless of whether they own or rent their home. If an individual already has children, a home should have enough space to accommodate another family member.

How much income does it take to adopt?

The Tar Heel State does not impose income requirements; an individual, however, must have the financial means to afford raising a child on his or her income. Disclosing paycheck stubs and tax returns generally provides verification of affordability.

What is the difference between adopting and fostering?

Legally adopting a child means that the court awards an individual permanent custody and parental rights. Foster care is a temporary situation where an individual cares for and nurtures a child while under the guidance of a state agency. The child’s biological parents, however, have the authority to make certain decisions, such as those regarding education and health care.

It is not uncommon for a strong relationship to develop between a child and his or her foster parent. If the state determines that a child’s biological parents can no longer provide care, a foster parent may apply to legally adopt.

A resident of Charlotte, for example, took classes and received a license to become a single foster dad. As reported by FOX 46 Charlotte, after spending time fostering and bonding with an abandoned teenage boy, he received the court’s approval to adopt him.