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Do you know these tips for connecting with your surrogate baby?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2020 | surrogacy and reproductive technology

Rather than conceive or have a child through traditional means, you adopted with a surrogate. While things went well with the mother, you struggle to bond with the baby.

To help overcome this hurdle, check out these tips from American Surrogacy. There is no reason that you cannot form a strong connection to your adopted daughter or son.

Make the most of feeding time 

When it is time to feed your baby, facilitate a one-on-one bond. This means focusing on the act of nourishing your baby and providing her or him with sustenance. Giving your child skin-to-skin contact during feeding time is a good way to build your bond.

Focus on your baby’s needs

Whenever your baby cries or seems to want something, concentrate on meeting that need as precisely as possible. Of course, you cannot expect to get it right every time, but making the attempt helps your son or daughter understand your role as caregiver.

Offer plenty of affection 

One cannot overstate the importance of human touch. With a surrogate baby, it is good to go beyond holding the baby for feeding and to calm crying. Holding your baby’s hand, gently massaging your baby, stroking your infant’s cheek and ticking your baby provides the physical touch necessary to form and strengthen a strong parent-child connection.

Talk with your baby 

Your baby may not understand what you say, but that does not mean you should not talk to your baby. Verbally communicating with your child gets her or him used to your voice. Also, when you speak to your baby, you facilitate learning skills in your child’s brain.

It may not take as much effort as you think to bond with your surrogate baby. See how these tips help in strengthening your family bond.