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How should you discuss the topic of adoption with children?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2020 | domestic adoption

Growing a family with the help of adoption creates a unique dynamic and allows your family the chance to experience the satisfaction of helping a child in need while developing a relationship that is long-awaited. When the time comes that your child begins to inquire about his or her background, you may recognize the need to discuss adoption. 

Your familiarity with effective tactics for communicating your child’s story and history without negative connotation may enable him or her to develop a sense of pride and appreciation for his or her heritage. 

Talking about adoption with others 

The way your child views him or herself is heavily influenced by what they hear when you speak of adoption with other people. As such, it is critical that you think carefully about what you share with other people and how you share it to prevent stating facts in a manner that is harmful or may leave your child feeling uncomfortable. Be familiar with common questions that people may ask about adoption and create canned answers that address details that appease curiosity without divulging sensitive personal information. 

Telling your child the story suggests catering the story of your child’s adoption to his or her age. Toddlers will understand details on a much different level than would an adolescent. Respecting your child’s level of understanding may enable you to have a productive discussion without sharing too much or too little. Telling your child’s story with enthusiasm and admiration may help your child develop an excitement for hearing such a unique story. Sharing details about your child’s history may also provide opportunities for your child to develop self-confidence and a sense of identity.