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International adoption and post-adoption considerations

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2020 | international adoption

Whether you are preparing to adopt a child from a foreign country or you recently completed the international adoption process, there are a number of post-adoption considerations that you need to keep in mind. Adopting a child from overseas offers a number of advantages, but also presents many responsibilities and legal issues to review. Parents need to think about their child’s future when handling post-adoption matters.

It is imperative for parents to go over their obligations when it comes to moving forward after an adoption is complete.

Post-adoption and acquiring citizenship

According to the U.S. Department of State, there are various topics that parents need to think about with respect to post-adoption. For example, parents who adopt a child from another country need to pursue U.S. citizenship for their child, especially since failure to do so in a timely manner can lead to various repercussions (such as the inability to vote, get a college scholarship or enjoy certain privileges that come with citizenship).

Post-adoption and reporting

Parents also need to understand their responsibilities with respect to post-adoption and reporting. For example, many countries require that parents report on the progress and well-being of a child following the completion of the adoption process. In some instances, parents are required to report on their chid’s progress many years later. It is crucial to review the requirements that are in place with the country you adopted your child from. These reports often include a number of details, such as a child’s relationship with his or her parents and their ability to embrace a different culture.