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What is a home study?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2020 | domestic adoption

Like many states, North Carolina requires prospective parents to undergo a home study prior to allow them to adopt. Whether you are looking to adopt internationally or domestically, you must submit to the home study.

Being prepared for your home study is the first step on your journey to becoming adoptive parents. According to Carolina Adoption, you will likely need to work with a social worker for at least four meetings prior to the state allowing you to adopt.

Why is a home study required?

Becoming a parent is a huge responsibility. The state of North Carolina wants to ensure that they are sending vulnerable children to a good home. There are three main reasons why states like North Carolina want to do home studies. The first is to make sure that the parents are fit to raise a child.

The second main purpose of a home study is to ensure that the parents prepare properly for the bureaucratic processes associated with adoption. Finally, depending on the agency, they may want information about you to match you up with an appropriate child.

What will they need?

Prior to a home study visit, make sure that you have all pertinent documents at hand. For instance, you will need to provide birth certificates for everybody in the household. In addition, they will want to see marriage and divorce certificates as well as proof of various insurances.

The social worker will also ask questions, too. It is likely that the social worker will ask why you would like to adopt, and what your home life was like growing up.