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How should you welcome your adopted baby home?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2021 | domestic adoption

After all your hard work, you succeeded in adopting a baby. Before you bring your son or daughter into your household, do you know how to welcome the child properly?

AdoptTogether offers tips to help you and your adopted child bond. Learn how to help your daughter or son feel at home.

Ready the bedroom

Put the finishing touches on your child’s room, including all the baby necessities. Double-check that you adequately baby-proofed your home to keep your child safe.

Find a pediatrician

If you have not already, find a local pediatrician you like to help keep your baby in good health. It is a good idea to schedule an initial visit two weeks after bringing your baby home, or sooner if you know your child requires medical intervention. Also, contact your health insurance provider about adding your son or daughter to your plan.

Bond with your child

Carve out some time to bond with your child. That means holding off on taking your baby to run errands, social events, outings with friends and similar events. You do not want to risk exposing your child to too many stimulants, and you may not want too many people touching your baby. Instead, think of ways to bond with your child at home with just the two of you. This may require taking a leave of absence from work.

Create a routine

As part of your bonding, establish a routine for your daughter or son. Doing so may help your baby feel more secure and at peace in your home. Specifically, create a schedule for naps, feeding, bathing, playing and bedtime.

Create a foundation for helping your baby feel safe. Hopefully, these tips help you both.