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Is your house ready for your adoption home study?

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2021 | domestic adoption

Deciding to adopt a child is likely one of the most fulfilling and exciting moments of your life. But it is also going to be one of the most stressful. After all, you have to go through a long and detailed process in order to gain approval for adoption. 

A big part of this process is the home study. You want to put your best effort into this, so it is crucial to know whether your house is ready or not. 

Research state laws

Family Handyman looks at your upcoming adoption home study and how you should prepare your home for it. First, what is a home study? This happens when a social worker comes over to examine your home, learn about your family and ensure all your documents are in order. 

Your first step is to do your research. Each state has different requirements for house safety and different requirements for passing a home study. For example, many specify the size of room a child should have and state that a window is also necessary. 

Childproof what you need to

Next, childproof your home. Install child safety locks, get electrical outlet protectors and move all heavy or breakable items to safer places. You want to show that your house is friendly for children of the age you intend to adopt. 

Tied to that, you want to ensure your home is safe in general. This means checking your fences, meeting fire safety regulations, and checking all the locks on your doors and windows. 

Tidy up

Finally, clean the place! Perfection is not what a social worker is after. However, they expect a tidy and clean environment that is safe for children, and you must meet this. You may want to consult with an adoption specialist before the home study as well, just to ensure your job is up to snuff.