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Are open adoptions possible for LGBTQ parents?

On Behalf of | May 27, 2021 | domestic adoption

Just like traditional couples, members of the LGBTQ community often want to expand their families. If having a biological child is either not feasible or not possible, you and your partner may want to think about adopting. After all, there are countless children who are in desperate need of both loving parents and stable home environments.

With open adoptions, biological parents participate in the adoption process. They may also want to have some involvement with the child after the adoption goes through. Even though LGBTQ parents typically can adopt children through an open approach, you and your partner may face some challenges.

The struggle

The Human Rights Campaign reports LGBTQ parents often struggle when working with open adoption agencies. According to the HRC, some agencies may prefer opposite-sex couples over LGBTQ ones. That is, an open adoption service may give younger and healthier kids to traditional couples while reserving special needs children for LGBTQ parents. Consequently, you and your partner may need additional financial resources and parenting skills to successfully adopt a special needs child through an open adoption agency.

A bright light

As you probably already know, attitudes about LGBTQ individuals are changing at almost lightning speeds. While some open adoption agencies may prioritize opposite-sex couples, many biological parents now seek out LGBTQ couples to raise their children. A growing number of adoption agencies also are treating members of the LGBTQ community equally.

You probably need not let the challenges with an open adoption dissuade you from doing what is right for your family. Ultimately, with the right agency and some patience, you may be able to make your family dreams come true.