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How do you qualify to adopt a child in North Carolina?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2021 | domestic adoption

The decision to adopt a child represents a serious, lifetime commitment that is intensely exciting.

There is an ongoing need for adoptive parents in the state of North Carolina, but what kind of qualifications must you have?

Qualifications for adoption

In the state of North Carolina, anyone over the age of 18 whether single or married may become an adoptive parent as long as he or she meets certain requirements; for example, you must agree to a criminal background check along with fingerprinting. Also, LGBT couples must be legally wed to qualify for adopting a child. You must offer proof of your ability to provide a loving home and developmental opportunities for the adopted child. The single exception to the adoption process is that if the child is of Indian heritage, the requirements under the Indian Child Welfare Act take precedence.

Adoption as a stepparent

If you are a stepparent, you can qualify to adopt a minor child for whom your spouse has legal and physical custody. The child must have lived with you and your spouse for at least six months prior to filing the adoption petition. You can also file to adopt if your spouse is either incompetent or deceased as long as the child has resided with you for the previous six months.

The emotional qualifications

The emotional side of the decision to adopt is as important as your physical ability to raise a child. Your adoption specialist will want to know that you are just as committed to welcoming an adopted child into your family as you would a biological child. Your specialist will also want to know that you are preparing for the ups and downs of the adoption process but are looking forward to the wonderful end result.