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Have you heard of international re-adoption?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2021 | international adoption

When you adopt a child in a foreign country, the journey through the adoption process unfortunately does not end there. While re-adoption is not a necessity, it can make your lives significantly easier in America.

But what is re-adoption? What benefits does it provide to you and your adopted child, and how do you go about the process?

What is international re-adoption?

Considering Adoption takes a look at times when an international re-adoption is necessary. First, what is international re-adoption? This process involves going to the court in America and requesting that a judge review your international adoption. The judge will then verify that it complies with all state laws.

Should a judge deem it in compliance, you will gain several benefits. The court issues you a certificate of foreign birth, which allows you to legally change your surname. You can also correct any errors that might appear on their birth certificate. This also ensures that your child will gain U.S. citizenship.

Visas for international adoption

Your child will also gain a visa, depending on whether they come from a country under the Hague Convention or not. IH visas will apply to children from Hague Convention countries and IR visas will apply to the rest. IH-3 visas are for children whose adoptions you complete in their country of birth, while IH-4 visas will apply if you finalized matters in the U.S. Meanwhile, an IR-3 visa shows that only one parent went to finalize the adoption overseas, while an IR-4 visa shows the only one took custody to bring them to the U.S. for finalization of the adoption.