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How should you announce surrogacy on social media?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2021 | surrogacy and reproductive technology

When you decide to go the surrogacy route to have a child, you will undoubtedly share your journey with those closest to you. However, once you have a confirmed pregnancy, should you announce it to your acquaintances, extended family, and other friends?

Nowadays, the best way to share live events with your distant friends and family is through social media. According to American Surrogacy, you need to practice care when announcing the pregnancy on social media.

Have a discussion ahead of time

Do not announce the pregnancy before you speak to all parties involved with the surrogacy. Do not post if your surrogate expresses discomfort about the posts. Additionally, you need to decide how much you post. For example, some surrogates may be happy for you to post their names and information, whereas others may want to be more private.

Be prepared for personal questions

Whenever you post on social media, you need to consider that not everyone agrees with your posts. You could receive positive and negative feedback. With a personal decision like surrogacy, you may not want to deal with negativity and in that case, you may want to refrain from social media.

In addition, if you announce surrogacy, you may have people ask questions about it. Many friends and family will have curiosities about the process and why you made your decision. If answering questions or discussing personal decisions may undermine your joy, you should refrain from posts on social media.

Your comfort level dictates whether you should post about surrogacy on social media. In some cases, you may be able to use your journey as an educational tool.