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Is international more difficult than domestic adoption?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2021 | international adoption

If you want to adopt a child, you have two basic options. You can adopt a child from within the U.S., or you can adopt a child from another country. Both options have their pros and cons.

American Adoptions explains both domestic and international adoption can be difficult, but it depends on your particular needs and situation as to which would be the most difficult for you.


Domestic adoption requirements are pretty straightforward and standard. International adoption is much different. Every country has its own requirements. Some can be strict and make it quite difficult to complete an adoption. You may also struggle with the language barrier in foreign countries, which would not be an issue here and could make the process more difficult.

There is also always the risk that a country will change its adoption policies while you are in the middle of adopting. Many foreign countries will expect you to abide by the changing laws, which could stall or end your adoption.


The base adoption costs for both types of situations are usually equal. However, international adoption will require additional costs, such as airfare, visas, hotels and other travel-related expenses. This can add thousands of dollars to your overall costs.


Both types of adoption take time. It can drag on for many reasons, but international adoptions will generally require far more of a time commitment. You have to travel out of the country and follow that country’s timelines. Courts in some countries operate very slowly, so you also have that factor. However, domestic adoptions also have some issues with courts moving slowly, and a common issue is waiting for the termination of the birth parent’s rights.

The one thing you will not have to worry about with either type of adoption is finding children who need a home. There is an overabundance of children who need a loving family all over the world.