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What are domestic adoption costs?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | domestic adoption

Those thinking of adopting usually consider the cost of welcoming a non-biological child into their home. Knowing all costs and fees helps parties develop a sound budget and protect their financial health.

Adoption Services, Inc. explains common domestic adoption fees. Being well-informed helps adoptive parents make well-informed decisions.

Application and registration fees

When working with an adoption agency, parties often pay an initial registration fee before the agency looks over an applicant’s information or opens an adoption file. Depending on the agency, applicants may receive their application fee back if the agency does not accept them into the program.

Some agencies combine the application and registration fee. Agency clients pay an application fee while preparing an adoption application. The agency may also offer an application refund fee for those not accepted into the program.

Home study fees

Before submitting a home study application, adoptive parents may pay a home study application fee. The fee covers the cost of preparing paperwork for federal, local and state authorities and for home study interviews.

Adoption agency clients pay home study and pre-placement report home study fees for home visits and interviews. Depending on how long it takes to place a child in a new home, agency clients may need to pay a home study update fee to keep their home studies current.

Agency service fee

Often the biggest domestic adoption fee, the agency service fee takes care of the cost of adoption finalization, relinquishing parental rights and child placement. Depending on the agency, clients may pay this fee after receiving a child referral or when they first apply to the agency.

By understanding adoption fees, adoptive parents may better time their adoption according to their financial resources.