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Why do you want a strong known donor agreement?

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2022 | surrogacy and reproductive technology

It is a big decision to become a parent, no matter how you do it, and knowing everything you can about the process before starting is vital. Using a sperm donor to conceive a child is sometimes necessary for same-sex couples and marriages. It is also a path for heterosexual relationships that experience difficulty conceiving on their own or who are sterile in some way.

Sperm banks provide anonymized samples that have basic information to help couples navigate their options. In the event you decide to use a known donor, you have a lot to consider when drafting a known donor agreement. If you are a known donor, this agreement protects you just as much as the parenting couple.

Helping you as a couple

Sperm banks go through a rigorous process when accepting donations from donors. This includes screenings for HIV and tests involving other genetic diseases. You and your partner have the option of requiring these tests independently in a known donor agreement among other options to protect you, your partner and the child.

Helping you as a donor

Donor agreements, when drafted correctly, protect you from the complicated laws surrounding parenthood and spousal support. As the Courier-Tribune reported, courts ordered a North Carolina sperm donor to pay over $13,000 in back child support. He entered into a verbal contract, the mother claimed he was the father and North Carolina had no exceptions regarding whether a sperm donor is or is not the parent outside of a known donor agreement.

These contracts help you as a couple or as a donor. Clarifying these protections in writing may help the process go smoother for all parties involved.