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Stepparent adoption and child support

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2022 | stepparent adoption

If you are considering adopting your partner’s child or you currently have custody of your child and want to learn more about stepparent adoption, it is vital to go over many different topics. In addition to having the consent of the noncustodial parent and even the child, many people who want to move forward with stepparent adoption have other issues to think about, such as child support.

It is vital to understand how adoption can impact child support and some of the other financial matters related to stepparent adoption. Make sure you are ready for the financial and emotional hurdles that can come with the adoption process.

Child support responsibilities and stepparent adoption

According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, more people adopt stepchildren than any other type of adoption. When a stepparent adopts his or her child, they become fully responsible for their adopted child and the noncustodial parent loses his or her rights with respect to the child. However, the noncustodial party no longer has to pay child support following stepparent adoption.

Financial preparation and stepparent adoption

Whether you worry about losing child support as a custodial parent or the financial responsibilities you will have after adopting your spouse’s child, it is essential to prepare. Adopting a child can strengthen family bonds, but it is vital to understand the financial commitments that come with adoption as well. In addition to losing child support, parents should also think about costs associated with the adoption process.

If you have questions or areas of uncertainty about stepparent adoption, make sure you carefully go over your circumstances.