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Multi-year struggle over DRC adoption case continues

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | international adoption

Every year, countless children throughout the U.S. become available for adoption into loving homes with supportive families in North Carolina. Many more are also in search of such support outside of the country’s borders.

Pursuing international adoption opportunities often requires a great deal of patience and dedication on the part of the families involved. Given the many complexities inherent with domestic adoption cases, one can only imagine how many more hurdles present themselves when dealing with international laws. Because of this, those hoping to adopt a child from another country may find themselves struggling to deal with the challenges that such an endeavor may present.

Family sues federal government over adoption case

One need only look at the example of a Missouri family’s struggle to adopt a child from the Democratic Republic of Congo to confirm this fact. According to the local CBS news affiliate, the family initiated the process to adopt a child abandoned in the DRC shortly after his birth. Now, more than four years later, the boy remains in a DRC orphanage despite initial assurances of resolving the case within 6 months. The family recently sued representatives of the federal government after receiving notification of the denial of their adoption request.

In the denial, State Department representatives cited not knowing that the orphanage that housed the boy actually existed (despite evidence to the contrary), and that his adoption violated a DRC international adoption ban. However, the family’s lawsuit points out that the same department approved several other DRC adoptions in the same time period.

Assistance with international adoption cases

This case demonstrates the virtual mountain of legal issues one might encounter in an international adoption case. Thus, having informative resources providing specific knowledge of this issue may be vital in successfully completing such a task.