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What are the main advantages of surrogacy?

June 17, 2021

If you and your spouse or partner have had continuing problems conceiving or bringing pregnancies to term, you may wish to consider surrogacy so you can complete the family you so desperately want.

Southern Surrogacy, LLC, explains that gestational surrogacy has many advantages for both you and the surrogate. It also, however, presents challenges for everyone involved and requires, at the very least, a major commitment of time.

Main advantages

Perhaps the main advantage of surrogacy is that it offers you, your spouse or partner, or even both of you the opportunity to establish a biological relationship with your child. At least one of you likely will be your child’s biological parent. For many couples, this continuation of the family bloodline outweighs all other considerations.

Additional advantages of surrogacy include the following:

• It is almost always successful.

• It is quite safe.

• It involves few surprises once you and your surrogate negotiate the expectations and terms of the arrangement and sign a legally binding contract to that effect.

• It gives you the opportunity to establish a relationship with your child from the very beginning of his or her existence.

• It gives you the opportunity to vicariously experience pregnancy, participating in such important events as first kicks inside the womb, prenatal test results, sonogram images, etc.

While surrogacy can be relatively expensive and sometimes rather complicated in terms of legal requirements, all in all, it may well be the answer you seek for your fertility or pregnancy issues. Ultimately, it can give you a beautiful child to love and raise to adulthood.

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