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Frequently Asked Questions About Domestic And International Adoption

If you are beginning the process of adopting a child, you likely have many emotions surrounding your decision. Dempsey Law provides guidance for you as you look to expand your family through a domestic or international adoption, navigating the way through immigration and citizenship matters.

What Kinds Of Adoptions Does The Firm Handle?

Dempsey Law is proficient in handling all types of adoption cases. If you are adopting from an expectant mother or a child born abroad, an agency has made a match for you or you are adopting a child who is currently in state custody, we will support you through all the steps involved in finalizing the adoption process and securing your parental rights.

We also partner with Hague-accredited adoption agencies to provide immigration legal services in accordance with the laws of the sending country and the United States.

What Is The First Step In The Adoption Process?

In most cases, a home study is required to provide the court the information they need to approve your adoption, as well as to prove your ability to parent an adopted child. This assessment will address your employment history, medical history, your friends and family comprising your support system, the safety of your home and neighborhood, and your criminal background information.

Would My Child’s Birth Parents Be Involved?

Involvement of a biological parent is different in each case. In many instances of domestic adoption, an “open adoption” arrangement is preferable to “closed adoption,” where identities are unknown. Dempsey Law will work with you to determine what is best for all parties involved — whether it be nominal access to medical records, the ability to send photos and updates or allowing an adopted child to spend time with his/her biological parents.

What Is The Adoption Process For Same-Sex Couples?

In North Carolina, a couple must be married to adopt a child. With advances in LGBT rights, the adoption process is the same for same-sex married couples as it is for married heterosexual couples.

Get More Answers To Your Questions

Attorney Kelly Dempsey is known for her work in domestic and international adoptions. At her Charlotte firm or via phone, email or Skype, Ms. Dempsey can further address frequently asked adoption questions as well as any additional concerns you may have about securing her as your lawyer throughout your adoption process. Call our Charlotte, North Carolina, law office at 704-251-2500 or our Boca Raton, Florida, law office at 561-489-2248, or complete our online contact form for answers to your questions.