Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt?

With legal advances in LGBT rights, married same-sex couples in North Carolina go through the same adoption process as heterosexual adoptive couples. If you are a same-sex couple looking to adopt, Dempsey Law will work with you to dispel the myths of your limitations to parenthood.

North Carolina approves of adoption for LGBT couples who are legally married, though no unmarried couples are allowed to adopt a child together.

LGBT Stepparent Adoptions

Kelly Dempsey is an experienced LGBT adoption attorney who will support you through your adoption process. Ms. Dempsey will work with you to build the family you have always wanted.

Whether you are a married couple adopting together or if you are choosing to adopt your partner’s child through stepparent adoption, your lawyer will assist you through the adoption process, which may include:

  • Obtaining both biological parents’ consent
  • Securing a waiver of paternal rights
  • Gaining a court-ordered termination of the other biological parent’s paternal rights
  • Retaining the child’s permission (if he or she is over 12 years in age)

Ms. Dempsey can assist you with preparing and filing all required documentation and provide guidance for your home visits.

Exercise Your Rights In Becoming A LGBT Adoptive Parent

If you have always wanted to be a parent but are unable to have a biological child, adoption may be a positive choice for you. The Charlotte firm offers consultations in person, by phone, through email or over Skype.

For more information about same-sex adoptions, contact the firm by submitting your information online or calling 704-251-2500 (There is a $50 consult fee).