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Do I Meet The Qualifications To Become An Adoptive Parent?

If you are a family seeking to expand your family through adoption, legal concerns may seem overwhelming. Dempsey Law can assist you with meeting the requirements, filing documents, choosing a service provider and, when applicable, working in accordance with the Hague Convention.

You may wonder if you are old enough to adopt, can provide the financial support a child needs or if your house will meet safety guidelines. Attorney assistance can prove valuable during your adoption process as you navigate through choosing a service provider, home visits and agreements with a birth mother.

What Are The Requirements For Adopting?

In North Carolina, potential adoptive parents must prove the ability to provide development opportunities for their children. You need not be wealthy or hold advanced degrees to adopt.

You may meet the state’s adoption criteria under the following circumstances:

  • Age. If you are 18 or older, you may be approved to become an adoptive parent.
  • Background. You must satisfactorily complete a criminal background check with fingerprints.
  • Marital status. You may adopt if you are single or if you are married; heterosexual and LGBT couples wishing to adopt together must be legally wed.
  • Home environment. You may add to your family through adoption regardless of home ownership or a rental agreement. If you already have children in your care, that alone will not prevent an adoption.

Get Support For Your Adoption Process

As you continue your adoption process, you will likely find your lawyer can help you with much more than the completion of legal documents, especially one with both professional and personal experience in adoption matters.

Kelly Dempsey can provide support and legal counsel as you add to your family. For more information about eligibility for adoption, call our Charlotte, North Carolina, law office at 704-251-2500 or our Boca Raton, Florida, law office at 561-489-2248, or complete our online contact form.