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Readoption: An Important Step In International Adoptions

A key step in completing international adoption proceedings is readoption. Although readoption is not required in North Carolina and Florida in every case, it provides significant benefits to adopted children and their families, including the right to a North Carolina and Florida certificate of foreign birth. Dempsey Law recommends that every internationally adopted child be readopted in their home state of residence.

Readoption When Completing An International Adoption

Once you are home in North Carolina or Florida with your newly internationally adopted son or daughter, there is still more to do. At Dempsey Law, our priority is providing for the best interests of the children we represent — that means staying involved before, during and after their adoption is complete.

Depending on whether you live in North Carolina or Florida and the type of visa issued to your child by the U.S. government, completing a readoption may or may not be necessary. Contact Dempsey Law so that we can work with you to outline the advantages of completing readoption as they apply to your specific situation.

Such benefits include:

  • Completing a name change
  • Changing the child’s date of birth
  • Securing a state-issued certificate of foreign birth
  • Providing your child with standard documents that will simplify school admissions, athletic enrollments, college applications and make the process of obtaining a driver’s license or loan easier in the future

More than just cementing your child’s legal identity, these documents can prove invaluable as your child matures, enrolls in schools and applies for jobs. With a state-issued birth certificate, your child will be able to obtain a replacement if his or her documents are lost.

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Don’t assume that your work is done when you arrive home with your adopted son or daughter. Reach out to us at Dempsey Law to learn more about readoption and the legal protections it can provide your family.

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