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Adoptions As A Stepparent

If you have recently married or remarried and you are bringing a child into your marriage or your new spouse has children, you may be considering adoption options.

By pursuing adoption, stepparents can attain the rights of a birth parent, including decision-making powers regarding health care, education, religious upbringing and other important factors in a child’s development.

By taking on these and other responsibilities, stepparents, grandparents and others completing intrafamily adoptions can better provide for the financial and emotional needs of the children in their lives.

Stepparent, Grandparent And Intrafamily Adoption Services

At Dempsey Law, we have years of experience handling all types of adoptions. Stepparent and other intrafamily adoptions are among the most common matters we see. Whether you have remarried and wish to adopt your stepchild or are a grandparent raising your grandchild, you are invested in providing for that child’s best interests — we want to help you take meaningful steps to legally protecting that relationship.

Before a stepparent or grandparent adoption can be completed, the parental rights of the relinquishing parent must be legally terminated. In cases where consent is freely given, the adoption process can move along smoothly. If the birth parent opposes the adoption, however, we may need to explore options for persuading the court to terminate that parent’s rights.

Although each case is different, common reasons for terminating parental rights include:

  • Failure to pay child support
  • Failure to maintain a consistent visitation schedule
  • Abandonment
  • Instances of domestic violence or abuse
  • Inability to properly care for the child due to alcohol or drug abuse/addiction

Even though your adoption seems simple and straightforward, intrafamily adoptions can go from simple to incredibly complex depending on the whims and emotions of the birth parents. As your attorneys, we can ensure that you understand what you’re up against, see that you are protected and ultimately defend the best interests of your adopted child.

A Hands-On Approach To Bringing Families Together

Instead of attempting to complete an adoption on your own, surround yourself with the resources and support our lawyers and professional staff provide. Call our Charlotte, North Carolina, law office at 704-251-2500 or our Boca Raton, Florida, law office at 561-489-2248, or complete our online contact form. We work with clients throughout the U.S.