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Benefits Of Working With An Adoption Attorney

When looking for an attorney to help you complete an adoption, you want to work with someone who understands and appreciates the emotional and financial investment you’re making.

Firsthand Experience Informing Your Next Move

At Dempsey Law, founder and lead attorney Kelly Dempsey was inspired to start her firm after going through both the international and domestic adoption processes.

In addition to her years of experience and passion for supporting families through adoption, Kelly and her associates combine their personal and professional experiences to provide a more comfortable, personalized alternative to the standard adoption practice.

A few advantages include:

  • Personal attention and responsiveness: For many couples, the legal challenges of completing an adoption are only half the battle. The emotional strain of waiting for an adoption and immigration proceedings to be approved, the anxiety surrounding a surrogate birth and numerous other factors all weigh heavily on waiting families. We look to alleviate frustrations by standing with you, responding to your questions and concerns, and acting as your support system from start to finish and beyond.
  • We have been through it before: There’s no substitute for firsthand experience. Our founding attorney is an adoptive parent who understands the myriad emotions you are likely experiencing. Furthermore, our years of experience handling all aspects of domestic and international adoption render us well-equipped to resolve even the most challenging adoption matters.
  • International and domestic recognition: Sure, there are plenty of firms out there that can handle domestic adoptions, but few can match our experience successfully completing adoptions both in the U.S. and globally. Kelly Dempsey has worked with individuals and couples from around the world, and advocated for the rights and interests of children before Congress. Her efforts were featured in the 2013 documentaryStuck,” which covers the experiences of four children from different countries making their individual journeys from orphanages to their adopted families in the United States.
  • We don’t work with just anyone: We place a premium on integrity and ethical dealings. That means that we have hard-line requirements for those looking to work with our firm. In any adoption or immigration proceeding, our first responsibility is to protect the child’s best interests. From the outset, we set this expectation and never waver in that commitment.

There are, of course, numerous other benefits that come with entrusting your adoption to our team of accomplished and experienced lawyers and staff. When you reach out to us, we will make arrangements to meet with you. Although we would love to meet with you in our Charlotte, North Carolina, law office, we understand that for clients outside the region or even the country, this may not be possible. We use the latest technology and will gladly arrange to correspond via telephone, email, Skype or other mediums convenient to you.

We Are Here, Ready To Answer Your Questions

One of the most important aspects of beginning any legal undertaking is gathering information. At Dempsey Law, we emphasize open communication and education with all our clients.

If you are considering an adoption, call our Charlotte, North Carolina, office at 704-251-2500 or our Boca Raton, Florida, office at 561-489-2248. You can also contact us via email by completing our online contact form.