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Attorneys Providing Compassionate Family Law Representation

Every family law issue is unique, and the outcomes of such matters involve around the individual circumstances. Because of this, many family law cases can be extremely stressful for everyone concerned. For this reason, you require the services of a family law attorney who provides individual attention to your matter.

At Dempsey Law, PLLC, in Charlotte, we will provide you with close attention to your particular concern. We will listen to your concerns and provide personalized solutions when working toward resolving your issue.

The Kinds Of Family Law Representation We Provide

The lawyers at our firm have years of experience in representing individuals regarding a wide variety of family law issues. Such representation includes:

Regardless of the issue, we will keep you informed regarding the status of your case and always be available to you to answer all of your questions. The guidance and resources we provide will help you make an informed decision. We will keep your needs and concerns in mind when creating a legal strategy or taking any action in your matter.

Our attorneys are well-versed in the practice of family law in North Carolina, and we pride ourselves on our ability to handle the most complex family law issues. While we strive toward resolving family law matters through negotiation, we are always ready to try your case in court when necessary.

Keeping The Best Interest Of The Children In Mind

Dempsey Law has long handled family law matters that involve the well-being of children. We understand that issues regarding children require the most sensitive and caring handling. For this reason, we always keep the interests of your children in mind when working toward resolving family law issues involving them.

Attorneys Who Are Available For You

To contact us for an initial consultation or to learn more about what we can do for you, call our Charlotte, North Carolina, law office at 704-251-2500 or our Boca Raton, Florida, law office at 561-489-2248, or complete our online contact form (there is a $50 consult fee).