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Family Law Attorneys Who Understand The Needs Of Children

The child custody and child support concerns are frequently the most difficult of family law matters to resolve. This is because the two parents often have very different ideas concerning what would be in the best interest of the children.

The Charlotte attorneys at Dempsey Law, PLLC, are dedicated to resolving stressful child custody and child support issues in a manner that benefits all parties. Our experience concerns matters dealing with visitation, child relocation and appropriate award amounts for child support along with child support enforcement.

Careful Resolution Of Child Custody Matters

In North Carolina, child custody issues involve both legal custody and physical custody of the child. Legal custody concerns the authority to make important decisions on behalf of the child. This can involve medical care, education and religious upbringing. Physical custody, on the other hand, concerns where the child will live and sleep.

Sometimes legal and physical custody is jointly shared by the parents. In other instances, sole custody is granted to one of the parents. Courts make determinations regarding legal and physical custody based upon the best interests of the child.

The family law lawyers at Dempsey Law have extensive experience dealing with family law issues that concern children, including handling of international and domestic adoption cases. We know the steps to take in court when demonstrating what is in the best interest of the child. Beyond providing legal representation in court, we can also provide guidance on what is expected of you as a parent when involved in a child custody matter.

We work toward an amicable resolution of such matters. However, when necessary, we are always prepared to resolve such matters in court.

Determinations Regarding Child Support Payments

There are a number of factors that North Carolina courts will look at when ordering child support payments. Courts will look at the needs of the children, income and expenses of both parents, and a number of other lifestyle considerations. There are also circumstances where such matters require revisiting due to changed circumstances.

At Dempsey Law, we understand the short- and long-term needs of children. Whether you are to receive or pay child support, we will fight to make certain that any child support determination remain fair for you.

The Experience And Skills To Represent You

To discuss your child custody or child support matter at length, please contact Dempsey Law, PLLC, by calling our Charlotte, North Carolina, law office at 704-251-2500 or our Boca Raton, Florida, law office at 561-489-2248, or complete our online contact form (there is a $50 consult fee).