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What Qualifications Do I Need To Meet To Adopt Internationally?

Adopting a child from another country may seem daunting as you navigate your way through United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) documents, home studies and Hague Convention processes. You may wonder if you meet the eligibility requirements for intercountry adoption.

Dempsey Law can assist you through the process of clearing an FBI background check, preparing for home visits and correctly filing required paperwork. As an attorney, Kelly Dempsey focuses on adoption and the immigration concerns accompanying adopting children from foreign countries. As an adoptive mother, she can provide support and guidance gleaned from personal experience.

What Are The Requirements For Intercountry Adoption?

In North Carolina, single adults and married couples may become adoptive parents, including LGBT couples. In cases of intercountry adoption, you must follow federal and state laws in addition to those of the country from which your child will emigrate.

Countries participating in international adoptions often have varying requirements for adoptive parents, which may be best navigated with the assistance of your lawyer and service provider.

Regardless of the child’s country of origin or service provider’s Hague accreditation, for eligibility to become a parent through international adoption, you must:

  • Be a United States citizen
  • Pass a fingerprinted FBI criminal background check
  • Receive suitable parent determination from USCIS
  • Complete international adoption applications (I-800A or I-600A)
  • Pay the USCIS filing fee

As you move forward through your adoption process, Dempsey Law can also assist you in securing U.S. citizenship for your child.

Get Help With Becoming Eligible For International Adoption

Kelly Dempsey serves clients through in-person, phone, email and Skype communications. If you are interested in becoming an adoptive parent, she can help.

Call our Charlotte, North Carolina, law office at 704-251-2500 or our Boca Raton, Florida, law office at 561-489-2248, or complete our online contact form today to begin the process of adding to your family.