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Comprehensive Legal Services For Adoption Agencies

Adoption service providers do the necessary work of helping people build their families. However, this calling comes with challenges in the form of international regulation and accreditation.

At Dempsey Law, PLLC, we offer clients insight into the matters of regulatory compliance for international adoption agencies. We also capably defend our clients’ accreditation when it faces challenges. More than that, we have a great passion for safeguarding those who build families across borders.

We Provide Guidance On Compliance Issues

As outside compliance counsel, we provide a necessary level of scrutiny and protection for agencies looking to support or achieve compliance with international regulatory bodies. Our team will:

  • Review all documentation for compliance
  • Support Hague accreditation/approval renewal or initiation efforts
  • Assess client/agency actions

Our goal is to supply counsel and support on compliance-related matters in a confidential, prompt and complete manner.

Protecting Adoption Agencies

In addition to helping agencies secure their compliance, we capably represent and defend our clients in any regulatory action. When an accrediting organization requests information on one of our clients, we take on the responsibility to answer them. We will handle complaints, reviews and notices of deficiency.

Our attorneys have successfully defended clients against corrective actions that threaten their accreditation, such as:

  • Cessation
  • Suspension
  • Cancellation

It is no overstatement to say that ensuring an adoption agency’s compliance is an existential priority. Agencies must follow international rules and address every concern quickly and professionally.

Compliance Is A Serious Matter

When it comes to helping families grow, nothing less than exacting, complete representation will do. To determine how we can aid your agency, contact us by email or by calling our Charlotte, North Carolina, office at 704-251-2500 or our Boca Raton, Florida, office at 561-489-2248.