Interstate Infant Adoption

This is a required legal process if you’re seeking to adopt a child who is currently not living in the same state as you. It is known as ICPC and must be completed before you can return home with the child.


Taking the first step in adopting, surrogacy, or ART can seem intimidating. We’re here to support you every step of the way. 

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What Makes Interstate Adoption Special? 

Interstate adoption occurs when you’re adopting a child from another state. These steps will require additional paperwork and are intended to ensure that children are safe in their adoptive placements.

While this process can be more complicated than adopting a child locally, interstate adoptions happen all the time.

We Understand Because We’ve Been There 

We’re no strangers to adoption. Our staff has a plethora of personal adoption experience that gives us the experience prospective parents can rely on. At Dempsey Law, we’re passionate about helping you build your family, finalizing adoptions, and closing the geographical gaps through interstate adoptions. In addition to those domestic adoption services, we also handle: 

  • Infant Adoption 
  • Step-Parent Adoption
  • Foster-to-Adopt
  • Grandparent Adoption 
  • Single-Parent Adoption 
  • Guardianship 
  • Surrogacy and Assisted Reproduction 

What Can You Expect? 

The adoption process is lengthy and can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time parent. While every adoption is going to be unique, there are processes that are followed every time.

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