Re-adoption is the legal process to a foreign adoption recognized and domesticated in North Carolina. Sometimes re-adoption is necessary to allow the child to obtain US citizenship. Re-adoption also allows a child to have documents, including a birth certificate, issued by state officials. As opposed to relying on foreign documents that cannot be replicated easily, if at all. At Dempsey Law, we're experienced with both domestic and international adoptions, and we can help you decide if re-adoption is useful or necessary.


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What Is Re-Adoption?

Re-adoption is a legal process that allows individuals to finalize an adoption in the United States after the adoption has been completed in a foreign country. This process can be necessary for a variety of reasons, including securing citizenship for the child, changing the child's name, or changing the child's age.

What Is The Process Like For Re-Adoption In North Carolina?

In North Carolina, the re-adoption process is governed by the state's adoption laws and regulations. The process generally involves the filing of a petition for re-adoption in the county where the adoptive parents reside. The petition must be accompanied by certain documents, including the original adoption decree from the foreign country, a certified translation of the decree, and a home study prepared by a licensed adoption agency.

Once the petition and supporting documents have been filed, the court will review the case and may hold a hearing to determine whether the re-adoption should be granted. If the court grants the re-adoption, it will issue a new adoption decree that is recognized under North Carolina law. This will also allow a NC Certificate of Foreign Birth to be issued by NC Office of Vital Records. 

What Are The Benefits of Re-Adoption

One of the main reasons individuals seek re-adoption in North Carolina is to secure citizenship for the child. Under U.S. law, a child adopted by a U.S. citizen abroad may be automatically eligible for citizenship. However, the adoption must be recognized under U.S. law in order for the child to obtain a U.S. passport and other documentation. Re-adoption allows the adoptive parent(s) to obtain a U.S. adoption decree, which is necessary for the child to obtain U.S. citizenship.

Another reason individuals may seek re-adoption in North Carolina is to change the child's name. In some cases, the adoptive parent(s) may wish to give the child a new name that is more common in the United States, or that is more easily pronounced or spelled. Re-adoption allows the adoptive parent(s) to legally change the child's name in the United States, and obtain a new birth certificate with the child's new name.

Finally, individuals may seek re-adoption in North Carolina in order to change the child's age. In some cases, the child's age may be listed incorrectly on the original adoption decree, or the child may have been older at the time of adoption than was originally recorded. Re-adoption allows the adoptive parent(s) to legally correct the child's age in the United States, and obtain a new birth certificate with the correct age.

Benefits of Hiring a Re-Adoption Attorney 

There are several benefits to working with an experienced adoption attorney when going through the process of re-adopting a child.

An adoption attorney has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the legal process. The process of re-adopting a child can be complex and involves various legal steps. At Dempsey Law, we can help you navigate these steps and ensure that everything is completed correctly and quickly. This can save you a lot of time and stress and help ensure that the process goes smoothly.

We can provide you with the knowledge, support, and legal representation you need to successfully complete the process of re-adopting a child. We can also help you build a strong, legal relationship with your child and fulfill your responsibilities as a parent.

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Re-adoption can be a complex and time-consuming process, but it is often necessary in order to secure citizenship for the child, change the child's name, or correct the child's age. If you are considering re-adoption in North Carolina, it is important to work with an experienced adoption law firm to ensure that the process goes smoothly and that your rights and the rights of your child are protected.

If you have questions about re-adoption in North Carolina, contact the adoption attorneys at Dempsey Law today. We look forward to assisting you in your journey to build your family.

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