Stepparent and Relative Adoption

As a step-parent, you have already formed a parent-child relationship. However, you may choose to formalize the parent-child relationship through step-parent adoption. If you are considering a North Carolina step-parent adoption, Dempsey Law can help.


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As a step-parent, you have already formed a parent-child relationship. You care for them. You nurture them. You support them. The lack of a legal parent relationship does not make your actual parent relationship any less impactful.

However, many step-parents choose to formalize the parent-child relationship through step-parent adoption. This is often an exciting process for parents and relatives who have already formed strong parental bonds with the children they seek to adopt.

In North Carolina step-parent adoption can be a complex process, but with the right guidance it can become much simpler. The North Carolina courts have established guidelines and procedures for step-parent adoptions in North Carolina, including filing petitions, attending hearings and obtaining consent from all parties involved. It is important to follow these steps carefully in order to ensure a successful North Carolina step-parent adoption. If you are considering a North Carolina step-parent adoption, it is best to consult a lawyer who can guide you through the process.

What Is Step-Parent Adoption?

Step-parent adoption is a process in which a stepparent becomes the legal parent of their spouse's child. This can be an important step in building a strong familial relationship and allows the stepparent to have full legal rights, including the ability to make decisions about the child's healthcare, education, and religious upbringing.

What Are The Challenges To A Step-Parent Adoption In North Carolina?

One potential obstacle to step-parent adoption is if the relinquishing parent, or birth parent, does not legally terminate their parental rights. If the birth parent willingly signs away their rights, the process may be smooth. However, if the birth parent refuses, it can be more difficult to adopt the child.

While it can be challenging, it is still possible to adopt a child as a relative or stepparent when the birth parent refuses to terminate their rights. In some cases, a court may be persuaded to terminate the birth parent's rights due to factors such as failure to pay child support, abandonment of the child, domestic violence or abuse, or reduced financial support due to drug or alcohol abuse.

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At Dempsey Law, we have a wealth of personal adoption experience and are dedicated to connecting children with loving parents. In addition to step-parent adoption, we also handle infant adoption, second-parent adoption, foster-to-adopt, grandparent adoption, single-parent adoption, guardianship, and surrogacy and assisted reproduction concerns.

The adoption process can be overwhelming, especially for first-time parents. While each adoption is unique, there are certain steps that are followed in every case. At Dempsey Law, we can guide you through the process and provide the support and expertise you need to successfully adopt a child.

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