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Sandi and Katie

My spouse and I live in North Carolina and we enrolled with a national adoption agency in 2019.  We were matched with our birth mother in the summer of 2020, who lived in a different state.  We were advised by the agency to obtain a quad-a lawyer and our research led us to Kelly Dempsy with Dempsey Law. We reached out to her via email and she promptly returned our call which led to a Zoom meeting due to COVID.  Our adoption terms were initially looking positive, however it quickly took a turn and the process was contested.  We were scared, nervous, and worried that this was not going to go in our favor.  Kelly Dempsey worked with the lawyer we had obtained for our birth mother in her state, she worked with the lawyer we had obtained in our county for the litigation to create  a team that was working in the best interest of our son.  Kelly was completely open and honest with us, presented us with our options, the potential outcomes, and advised us to stay "cautiously optimistic" if we choose to continue.  The adoption of our son was finalized by the court on Feb. 26 of 2021 thanks to Kelly.  Our adoption was not cut and dry and without the hard work, persistence, and  communication efforts of Kelly and her team things may not have gone in our favor.  Her calm and professional demeanor kept us in check when we were riding that terrifying emotional rollercoaster.  We will forever be grateful to her and hope our son will grow up knowing her hard work made us the family we are today.  

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