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Lazo Family

How many people can say, “I love my lawyer”?! Not many, but we can!   Our family has had a very unusual and complex adoption immigration case, and I asked  several people “in the know” who they’d recommend for an immigration attorney, and Kelly Dempsey was on everyone’s short list.  Right off the bat, I noticed that Kelly wasn’t charging nearly as much for an initial consultation, which was a pleasant surprise.   It was also a surprise that she told me in our consultation that in our situation, we would not be successful if we file an appeal in response to an immigration denial.  So, Kelly wouldn’t take our case to file this on our behalf.  She was correct - we filed an appeal on our own and it was subsequently denied.  I was impressed that she wasn’t quick to get our business, to file extra paperwork that wouldn’t help our cause. 


Kelly is very knowledgeable about everything immigration and she has even looked into some the laws in our own state (different from hers).  Our family did end up hiring Kelly later to pursue a long-shot strategy she had suggested in our initial consultation.  Her retainer fee is very reasonable, and she doesn’t “nickel and dime” her clients by charging extra fees to answer an email or to touch base on the phone. (Other lawyers often charge exorbitant fees for every contact.)  It is very evident that Kelly Dempsey isn’t in this practice to just make big bucks. She has a heart for families and she is in it to make the world a better place.  


Although our immigration case is still ongoing, we are delighted that our adopted daughters are now with their forever family on US soil.   We wholeheartedly recommend Dempsey Law for immigration legal assistance! 

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