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Taking the first step in adopting, surrogacy, or ACT can seem intimidating. We’re here to support you every step of the way. 

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Hecht-Ribas Family

Kelly Dempsey is without a doubt the most dedicated, ethical, knowledgeable and reliable adoption attorney available.  We should know, her expertise and guidance have led our family through an adult step-parent adoption, an international adoption and a domestic adoption.  I don’t think we've ever faced a situation or concern that she wasn’t able to handle.  She led us through the almost endless mazes of legal filings and paperwork in an organized, thorough, and knowledgeable manner.  No question was ever too big or too small. In our first meeting I knew that our growing family was in good hands.  Ms. Dempsey has not only an impressive depth of knowledge of adoption issues but her wise, thoughtful, and compassionate approach calmed our nerves and made everything complication or hurdle we faced seem manageable.  There simply is no other attorney more skilled in her craft and more dedicated to her clients.  I've never before looked forward to a visit to an attorney's office but meeting with Ms. Dempsey was truly a pleasure, she is a straight-shooter so you never feel like you're wasting time, but she is also warm and empathetic, so you feel that your needs are being given her complete attention.  I will never be able to thank her enough for the help she gave us in creating our family. 

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