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Surrogacy And Assisted Reproductive Technology

For many couples, the journey toward beginning a family is complicated by an inability to conceive. With numerous advancements in surrogacy and reproductive technology, however, many couples are able to bring a child into their lives using these technologies.

Our assisted reproductive technology (ART) work includes drafting and negotiating agreements for gestational surrogacy and egg, sperm and embryo donation. We represent intended parents, donors and recipients. We can draft the legal documents necessary to legalize your ART arrangement and to obtain court orders of parentage, establishing rights and responsibilities prebirth and post-birth for the intended parents of children born through gestational surrogacy.

Understanding The Changing Landscape Of Reproduction Law

As a practice dedicated to building strong, healthy families, Dempsey Law stays current with changes to the laws and regulations regarding reproduction law, including surrogacy and assisted reproductive technology.

The two primary types of surrogacy are outlined below:

  • Gestational surrogacy: In summary, gestational surrogacy is the process by which a woman is implanted with an embryo that is not her own and gives birth to a child whom she will not raise. There are variations in this process, including the source of donated eggs or sperm, but, ultimately, the surrogate mother enters into a contractual agreement with the intended parents to relinquish the child.
  • Traditional surrogacy: Traditional surrogacy involves a surrogate mother who carries and delivers her own biological child with the intention of relinquishing the child to the intended parents. This process is somewhat risky as intended parents must ensure that their agreement with the surrogate mother legally protect their interests and the interests of the child.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your surrogacy agreement, our team at Dempsey Law will provide you with the support and resources you need to proceed with confidence. From the outset, we will sit down with you, listen as you outline your goals and clearly explain your options. As we work together through the surrogacy or another ART process, we will ensure the validity of your agreements.

Although people may think of surrogacy as a do-it-yourself undertaking, the fact is that numerous obstacles can complicate and prolong the process — costing you time, money and considerable heartache.

Protect Yourself – Protect Your Child

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